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Attend Orientation

Come and learn how La Cocina works and the basics of what you will need to start a food business. This workshop is free and open to the public, but please register ahead of time. If you are planning to apply to the program, this event is required.

Upcoming 2019 Orientations:

6-8pm at La Cocina (2948 Folsom Street)

January 30th
March 27th
May 29th
July 31st
September 25th
November 20th


Schedule a One-on-One Meeting with an Expert

Sign up to take advantage of a free 1:1 consultation with experienced La Cocina staff members who can answer questions you might have about your food business idea, your business plan, or your application to La Cocina. This is an opportunity to get into some of the more specific business questions you may have. This is free to attend, but slots are limited so sign up early.

Upcoming 2019 Office Hours:

10am-3pm at La Cocina (2948 Folsom Street)

February 21st
April 18th 
June 20th 
August 15th 
October 17th 
December 5th 


Showcase at Our Drop-In Market

You will join other aspiring food entrepreneurs at the La Cocina kitchen and have space to sample your product, talk about your business, and connect with small business resources, future customers, and other entrepreneurs. La Cocina will pay you a small reimbursement for food cost to showcase at this event. This is optional but highly suggested for anyone who is interested in applying.

If you are interested in showcasing, please contact apply@lacocinasf.org.

Upcoming 2019 Drop-In Markets:

6-8pm at La Cocina (2948 Folsom Street)

February 20th 
June 19th 
September 18th


Attend our Application Workshop

In this limited attendee workshop, we will cover what your application should focus on and answers any questions you may have. Our workshop will not only serve to make you a better applicant, but it will also highlight areas of your business plan and concept that may need further revision. Although not required, we highly recommend this workshop for people who are serious about applying to La Cocina. 

Spanish Application
English Application

Upcoming 2019 Application Workshops:

6-8pm at La Cocina (2948 Folsom Street)

February 27th 
June 26th
October 2nd 


Submit an Application

In order to apply to the program, you must submit the following: 

  • an application

  • a completed business plan

  • your resume

  • two letters of recommendation for the program

  • proof of your current income

Applications must be either delivered in-person or mailed as a hard copy AND sent as an electronic copy via email to apply@lacocinasf.org on or before the application date. Only complete applications will be considered.

Upcoming 2019 Application Deadlines:

March 4th 
July 1st  
October 7th