Director of Earned Income 

Job Description

La Cocina (“The Kitchen”) is an award-winning nonprofit, focused on creating pathways to economic freedom for talented, working-class women entrepreneurs with a focus on immigrant women and women of color. Since the organization’s inception, we have sought revenue-creating opportunities to serve the growth, stability and success of those entrepreneurs while also contributing to the organization’s bottom line.

In 2019, we aspire to further formalize that approach. This position will lead that growth. Because of the nature of this position, it’s important to be clear that the vision will be self-funded after one year. We are looking for someone with a for-profit mentality who wants to be doing non-profit work. For someone who wants that start-up vibe and to see their growth not simply benefit themselves but also a community of talented entrepreneurs. 


The Director of Earned Income is a full-time, exempt position. Hours are Monday through Friday, with fairly frequent night and weekend requirements. This position reports directly to the Executive Director. 

This position joins La Cocina’s team with existing revenue streams in place, and a burgeoning strategic plan that places an emphasis on the growth of those streams. The position begins with limited additional support, but has the opportunity to grow intentionally and quickly. The Director will manage a Retail Manager, Catering Accounts Manager, Catering Admin and partner with our Events team. 

This position may include management of additional interns and volunteers on an as-needed basis. Additionally, the position is expected to be part of the collaborative visioning for the organization and considerate of revenue generation both for La Cocina and participating businesses and to have an eye, always, on funds development. 


Management and Growth of La Cocina’s Catering Program

La Cocina currently manages or facilitates close to $750,000 in inbound catering traffic. We partner with La Cocina participants and alumni to execute on those events, charging the end customer a 10% administrative fee. The goal, in 2019, is to solidify this program, ease the burden of the Account Manager, clean up the finances and admin portion, show growth potential and establish a business plan for that growth. Specific roles may include:

• Manage all catering operations, sales, reporting and administration
• Manage the Catering Account Manager to set-up regular and reasonable expectations
• Create and implement an outbound marketing plan
• Manage and execute all catering marketing strategies
• Ensure customer satisfaction and positive bottom line for La Cocina participants and La Cocina
• Streamline the ordering process for end customers
• Implement systems for on-boarding new client businesses and for refreshing catering menus
• In Year 1, this position will also be responsible for leading the development of a business plan that shows a pathway to economic self-sufficiency for the La Cocina catering program
• Attend catering jobs as necessary
Management and Strategy for La Cocina’s Retail Program
• Manage the Retail Manager and support strategic growth of that program
• Support the retail program when necessary with operational support, sales and marketing

Strategy and On-Hand Support for Events

• Leverage the catering program approach to marketing to apply sales tactics for all La Cocina events
• Understand events program and vision growth alongside the catering program
• Attend all events as necessary


• High school diploma or GED required; 2-4 year college degree (or Master’s!) in business management a plus. 
• Driven and entrepreneurial
• 5+ years in catering and events.
• 3+ years of management level experience with budgets above $1MM
• Bi-lingual in Spanish. Other languages a plus.
• An ability to communicate personally and intimately with our program participants as well as an innate understanding or willingness to learn the San Francisco food scene.
• Flexible and adaptable in order to maintain a competitive market position.
• Familiarity with using software programs including MS Office (MS Word, Excel) and QuickBooks. Familiarity with Adobe Suite and basic design skills a plus.
• Excellent communication skills both in written and verbal format (Spanish writing as well).
• Excellent customer service skills.
• Punctual, reliable, organized, and industrious. 

The ideal candidate will have the following professional experience and personal qualities: 
• Good people and conflict resolution skills. Job requires constant interaction with program participants.
• Patience, flexibility and a good sense of humor
• Culturally competent
• A passion for great food and a willingness to taste anything
• Ability to speak passionately and articulately about our mission
• Highly organized with excellent time and space management skills. 

Please send a resume and introductory cover letter to