F&B : Voices from the Kitchen

Do you follow the recipe or follow your gut and instincts-- said another way, do you live by the rules or create your own rules? Whether a chef’s creative expression or instructions for a home cook, a recipe can be the vehicle for understanding ourselves and our culture, the clue for unlocking the mysteries of our roots.  They tell the broader story of a time and place -- war, recession, peace, prosperity, technological advances and pop culture are all reflected in our recipes. Whether from mass migration or the union of two individuals, recipes are constantly evolving, melding cultures, available ingredients and techniques. And don’t forget, those ghosts who live in the marginalia of our cookbooks. They are the marks we leave to future generations, saying this is the unique way I created this dish.   In a real sense, cookbooks are history books written by the everyman. But “Recipe” is a broader theme than that -- How are original recipes created? And what’s with people who take a recipe to the grave? Not to mention, when and why did recipes and cookbooks become entertainment over function? La Cocina’s F&B: Voices From the Kitchen -- “Recipe” . . . a recipe for success, recipe for failure, recipe for a good life.