Week of Women in Food

March 3-9, 2019

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8th), the chefs of La Cocina are collaborating with some of the Bay Area’s most accomplished restaurateurs, winemakers and cocktail creators to bring you A Week of Women in Food — a week-long dining experience celebrating the voices, talent & food of women in our industry.


El Pípila + August 1 Five + Cerf Club
March 3

Guadalupe Guerrero opened El Pipila after 20 years of hard work for others with a vision for her own independence. Hetal Shah left the world of tech to share the home that she missed with more of San Francisco. Join them both as they offer a meal about the places they’ve left and the city that they are building. Stag Dining started off organizing one of San Francisco’s earliest underground dining series, and now it has emerged with a brick-and-mortar venue and weekly wine bar in the Tenderloin, Cerf Club, as a base for catering, private events, and Stag’s own collaborations with chefs and winemakers. 


Besharam + August 1 Five
March 4

“Besharam”, the name of Chef Heena Patel’s Dogpatch restaurant, means shameless in Hindi. As the second daughter in a traditional Gujarati family, Heena was never expected to open a restaurant. And, yet… here she is. With the equally-inspiring Hetal Shah, as the two of them show what happens when powerful women set their mind to defining their own visions.


Old Damascus Fare + Michelle Minori + The Red Door
March 5

The Rawa family left everything that they had in Syria. Their new life in America is not one that they ever planned to have. Nor one that they were prepared for. Food has been a connector to that which was left behind and a cracked door into the new world in front of them. Their food—rich, hearty and deeply flavored—offers an insight into their lives and their future. Join them in that journey. On her own journey, Lodi native and Top Chef contestant Season 16’s Michelle Minori, the former executive chef of SF’s Barzotto, graduated top of her class at the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco and has recently been called “the best dish of the season” by judge Tom Colicchio.


Bini's Kitchen + Rich Table
March 6

Binitha Pradhan started her business delivering pre-made Nepalese meals from the back of her car while her infant son Ayush slept. Sarah Rich has won Michelin stars, written cookbooks and led the Bay Area towards new discoveries, while her two kids look on from Instagram. In 2019, Bini will open her brick and mortar restaurant location at 6th and Howard. And you can join her and Sarah Rich there for a dinner full of laughter, spice and surprise.


Nyum Bai + Dyafa + Melissa Chou of Mister Jiu's
March 7

Reem Assil and Nyum Bai have brought Food and Wine’s Best Restaurants, Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurants, Thrillist’s Chef of the Year, Eater’s Best New Chefs Awards, and more, to their corner of Fruitvale through their groundbreaking work. Join the two of them, at Reem Assil’s second restaurant, Dyafa, alongside the incredibly pastry of Melissa Chou, who makes the end of the meal the only thing we often want to eat any time she writes a menu.


Noodle Girl +
Little Window + Old Kan Beer & Co.
March 8

Americans are only beginning to scratch the surface of the depth, complexity and nuance of Vietnamese food. Chef Hang Tru’s family owned a restaurant on a small island in Vietnam that informs the cooking that she does today at Berkeley’s Student Union. Similarly, Chef Jessica Nguyen’s (Little Window & Bicycle Banh Mi) cooking (and her Instagram!) tells the story of the flavors that our mothers impart, and the style. Come for a taste of the Vietnamese home, and imagination, in this unique collaboration.


Minnie Bell's Soul Movement + Homeroom
March 9

San Francisco Chronicle Rising Star Chef Fernay McPherson once swore, as a child, that she would never make macaroni and cheese again, after one too many times with her mom. And yet here she is, winning awards at her Emeryville restaurant, with a perennial best-seller: her mac and cheese. Erin Wade has made plenty of mac and cheese herself, blazing trails in her Oakland Homeroom with incredible food and progressive workplace policy. Join us for dinner… there might even be mac and cheese if we’re lucky.